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About our Services 

Using direct mail to target the right audience is an efficient way for law firms to advertise legal services. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the 1988 case Shapero vs. State Bar of Kentucky that, "Not only is direct mail advertising legal and ethical, it benefits the public." The Internet and state open record laws allow for efficient and accurate access to many highly qualified potential clients. We have arduously paved the way for professionals to target their advertising dollars strictly towards a pre-qualified audience. Those most likely to be in immediate need for legal services are now readily available. Attorney direct mail has become ubiquitous because it simply works.

Our prospect database includes those who have recently been injured, charged with a crime, issued a ticket violation, booked into, or bonded out of jail the previous day. Our software allows each client to choose their own criteria from which their mailing list is generated. For example, prospects may be selected based on accident date, injury code, offense, age, race, and zip code. Each mailing address in the database is checked for validity. Addresses are cleaned and assigned the correct ZIP+4, while non-viable addresses are removed. We put you in front of the right audience, right when they need you.

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About our Company

Direct Marketing was started on September 1st, 1991 by Jeff Beatty and Pat Bender. Jeff and Pat met in junior high school and have remained best friends ever since. As kids they planned on going into business together some day. They have been living their dream for more than two decades and continue to serve some of the same clients they had on day one.

Our company is based out of Labadie, Missouri, a small town near St. Louis. Due to the success of our programs, we also maintain an office in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, where the company was originally founded. Our staff is ready to help you advertise your business.

Please browse our website to learn more about our services and feel free to write or call with any questions. You can reach us at 1-800-538-8096, via e-mail, or postal mail.

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