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  • Is attorney direct mail marketing legal?
    Truthful non-misleading speech is protected by the first amendment. The courts have ruled Lawyer direct mail helps the public. Minority populations, the uneducated and poor directly benefit from the free flow of information as to the availability of attorneys who want to and can help. Use attorney direct mail to build your practice. It works!
  • Is direct mail marketing still effective?
    You bet direct mail still works. Attorney direct mail advertising is the king. How many emails, Facebook and text messages does the average person get a day? Now ask; how many personalized attorney direct mail solicitations does the average lay person find in their mail box every day? A personalized direct mailer found in a person’s mail box will grab their attention. Direct Mail still works!
  • How do I implement a direct mail campaign?
    Call us at 1-800-538-8096 and we can get your direct mail program up and running.
  • What is Attorney or Lawyer Mail Marketing?
    The commercial use of public records combined with direct mail has a proven track record that has produced profitable new legal clients for more than the last three decades.
  • Is Lawyer Direct Mail highly targeted?
    Not one penny of your advertising budget will be spent trying to reach those who do not need your assistance. Attorney direct mail is not a shot gun approach to lawyer advertising.
  • Why use Attorney Direct Mail?
    Legal or Attorney Direct Mail Advertising works. Lawyer Direct Mail produces the lowest cost per new client and does not require long term contractual commitments. Our customers need not be bound to long term contracts because direct mail simply works and as long as it works our clients stick with us.
  • Is setting up attorney direct mail expensive?
    No, setting up a profitable attorney direct mail program is not expensive. Compared to other forms of lawyer advertising attorney direct mail produces your lowest cost per new client results. A simple one-page business letter using windowed envelope will make your phone ring. Unlike Radio, Bill Board and TV ads your message, with little to no cost, can be easily changed.
  • Does Attorney Direct Mail compete with a digital marketplace?
    Yes, Attorney Direct Mail competes with the digital marketplace because Attorney Direct Mail reaches those, and there are still many, who do not have or choose to use the internet. Your Attorney Direct mail solicitation in the form of a tangible well worded business mailer sent to the prospects physical mail box grabs attention. Physical media such as a written attorney solicitation makes for a far bigger impression than digital messages. Now days a person’s inbox is far more crowded than is their mail box. Many people enjoy walking out to their mailbox and checking the mail. Make sure your attorney direct mail is in your book of businesses’ mail box.
  • How much does Attorney Direct Mail cost?
    Direct Marketing, Inc. staff members provide attorney direct mail marketing programs for less than what a firm can do it for inhouse. Let Direct Marketing, Inc. staff members take the head aches out of your daily direct mail program for less than you would spend doing it yourself.
  • Can lawyers send direct mail and solicit those likely in need of legal assistance?
    Yes, the courts have ruled Attorney Direct Mail Advertising is constitutionally protected speech. Truthful non-misleading speech sent through the privacy of the US mail benefits the public and is an effective and proper method for attorneys to advertise their legal services. Attorney direct mail has stood the test of time. Direct mail advertising by attorneys is here to stay for one reason alone. It works.
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