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Legal Direct Mail Marketing

Definition & Details

Send your attorney direct mailer to only those who need your legal assistance. Pubic Records Combined with Lawyer Direct Mail puts your name and number in the hands of those who need legal assistance today.

Direct Marketing utilizes Internet searches, medical/hospital liens, twenty-four hour arrest, ticket violations, court record, booking, and bond lists, allowing you to target only those people who now need to hire an attorney. The availability of this information gives you the greatest chance to get your contact information in the hands of those recent offenders who haven't already chosen another lawyer.

Our customized software allows you to tailor design the selection criteria by which your mailing list is generated. For example, prospects may be selected by injury date, injury type, offense, zip code, age, and race. Additionally, each mailing address is cleaned and assigned the correct ZIP+4, and all non-viable mailing addresses are eliminated.

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