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Cold Email Marketing

How it Works:
  • We provide email addresses. 

  • You can use those addresses to reach potential customers.

  • Email those who do not know you yet but are likely to need your legal assistance.

  • You can hire our cold email marketing services to avoid landing in the spam folders and reach a larger audience.

  • Eliminate postage, stationary fees and trips to the post.

  • Schedule multiple messages and follow-up campaigns

email marketing directmk
Why choose Email Marketing?

Email Marketing really works! Creating campaigns to follow up are even more effective. We provide quality leads and can even be hired to automate email campaigns for you.  

We are committed to providing professional and profitable direct mail programs. No matter what your firm's needs may be, we can create a custom program, which will completely fulfill your needs. Send us an e-mail or call our office at 1-800-538-8096 to learn more.

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